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Certificate of Roadworthiness (STK)

Roadworthiness assessment is an inspection that serves as an assessment of the vehicle's technical condition, systems, components or individual technical units. Passing roadworthiness assessment was until recently connected with unpleasant experience, stress and fear of having your documents withheld. People consider roadworthiness assessment as a time consuming process that is unfortunately necessary to go through. Owing to this fact you can use our services and skip waiting for roadworthiness assessment. Fill out the form on your right and our representative will contact you to provide you with further details about passing a roadworthiness assessment.

When to take part in a roadworthiness assessment?

You car should pass the first roadworthiness assessment within 4 years from the first registration (if it is not possible to find out a date of registration, the date should be considered the first day of year the vehicle was produced in) The roadworthiness assessment should be conducted every two years thereafter.

What is subject to assessment in roadworthiness?

·  brake system,

·   steering,

·  axles,

·  wheels,

·  suspension,

·  shafts and joints,

·  frame and bodywork,

·  illumination and signal lights,

·  mandatory and special equipment,

·  other systems,

·  components or individual technical units,

·  environmental impact,

·  vehicle identification cross referenced with data in documents of the vehicle.

Assessment for the Certificate of Roadworthiness might cost you a lot of time. Call our representative if you don't want to put up with these steps yourself. The representative will arrange all details and attend the roadworthiness assessment for you.

Preparation for roadworthiness assessment

An important part of a regular roadworthiness assessment for the Certificate of Roadworthiness is a though preparation of the vehicle for this step. We advise everybody (especially those with older vehicles) to have the condition of their car checked in a car service in advance.

It is necessary to have following parts of vehicle checked:

·  brake system

·  steering

·  axles

·  bodywork

·  illumination

Have following parts of vehicle checked as well:

·  identification marks

·  exhaust gases (emissions)

·  mandatory equipment

·  other components that affect traffic safety and environment

There is a risk of not meeting the conditions of the assessment if you fail to proceed with such voluntary check up. In such case the registration book of vehicle will be revoked and you would not be able to use the vehicle until defects are removed.

If you want get such check up done don't hesitate to contact us. We will do a simple check up of your car for a few Euro and you will avoid any problems.

If you are interested in detailed information about the Certificate of Roadworthiness, visit our specialized web addressing these issues very thoroughly.

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