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Do you know how to transfer a vehicle's title? When do we speak about registering a vehicle? What is the procedure ahead of you? Our web pages provide information on the number and type of steps you need to take to successfully register your car. If you are familiar with all details, but don't have time to visit administration offices, you are at the right spot. Portal will provide you with a cheap and easy registration of your vehicle.

Registration of a vehicle after a change of ownership

It is necessary to register every vehicle that has to be registered and titled with a license number pursuant to applicable regulation at a district inspectorate. If you are buying a used vehicle, the seller is obliged to cancel the registration of such vehicle. Then it's your turn. You have to register the vehicle with the police at your domicile (in case of a company vehicle at the registered seat of the company). You shall undertake to register the vehicle and provide the ownership title no later than 15 days from its acquisition.

Registration of a new vehicle

If you purchased a new vehicle you have to register it no later than 15 days from its acquisition. The body of police force shall issue a registration certificate and license plates. Does it seem like a lot of complicated steps? Fill in the form and let us worry. Our representative will contact you and will take care of everything instantly and at a reasonable price. 

Registration of an imported vehicle

Registration of an imported vehicle involves a great deal of difficult steps from documents translation through Certificate of Originality, station of technical control, Emissions Certificateand commencing registration with the Department of transport and ending with the road traffic inspectorate. We address these issues in detail at our micro web site

Registration of a vehicle with suspended registration

Take out a Motor Third Party Liability insurance (PZP), fill out application, documents, certificate of registration suspension, ID card. So many steps you need to take care of! If you want to carry this burden yourself continue reading and you will find all necessary information about vehicle registration.

It is necessary to have the following documents when registering a vehicle:

·  evidence on the acquisition

·  Registration book

·  Motor Third Party Insurance Liability insurance

·  filled outvehicle registration application 

How much is going vehicle registration cost me?

·  vehicle's title transfer within a district        EUR 33,-

·  vehicle's title transfer outside a district      EUR 66,-

·  registration of a new vehicle                     EUR 66,-

We will register a vehicle for you

Finally picked the car of your dreams? Enjoy it instantly and don't spoil your happiness by waiting in a line at police administration. Is your address of domicile other than your work? You don't have to take a day off. We will take care of all administration connected with the vehicle registration for you.

It is not necessary to register a vehicle in person. We would be glad to help you. Rely on us and fill in a letter of authorization to transfer the vehicle title by a third party. Your signature affixed to the authorization has to be notarized. We are taking all responsibility for vehicle registration and we will do all necessary steps for you. You can go ahead and enjoy your newly registered car.

Upon registration the vehicle needs to be presented to the road traffic inspectorate for VIN code inspection. To use our services you only need to park the vehicle at the police (if it is a case of a new vehicle or the Certificate of Originality is needed prior the registration, it is not necessary to get the vehicle inspected). A police officer will check the car and you will hand documents and authorization to our representative and the rest is our responsibility. You can go home or to work without any worries. All documents will be delivered to you via post or personally once the whole procedure at the road traffic inspectorate is completed,

All necessary information about vehicle registration are provided in detail at our specialized web focused on vehicle registration.

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