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Sale of a car

Selling a car? We laid down the most important principles of precaution connected with vehicle sale.

You have no time to look for a new suitable owner? Is it too complicated and you are concerned with possible problems? Are you struggling to cope and need professional advice? Fill in our brief contact form and our regional representative will contact you and assist you.

Risks involved in sale of a car

A change in ownership title and changes in police registration thereafter carry several risks. A seller is facing lesser risk which is related particularly with cash handling (bill's authenticity). You should not underestimatecessation of vehicle registration and fulfillment of buyer's obligation to register vehicle under ones name thereafter.

A seller may face a situation in which the new owner after vehicle registration is canceled does not register the vehicle thereafter leaving it registered under your name. While the vehicle still has original license plates any offenses or commitment of penal offense will be traced back to you. You will be able to explain and provide evidence that you have sold the vehicle and ceased the vehicle registration, but you are facing a problem. You have fulfilled all obligations and sent the registration book to the new owner that fail to register the vehicle. Investigation of such incident may take long (in most cases more than a year) and you as a former owner will be constantly called to provide explanations to various police agencies. Traffic violations are handled by the road traffic inspectorate at the owner's domicile (in this case of the former owner) or by the municipal police pursuant to the local jurisdiction. There is a variety of offenses. It happens fairly often that the owner sold a vehicle, the new owner filled it up at a gas station and ran away or robbed the store etc. The vehicle still has the previous license plates. The police thus contacts you and you would have to explain that you've sold the vehicle and have nothing to do with the offense or penal offense.

Don't get fooled when selling a car

In most cases the seller and buyer know nothing about themselves. It is possible that the buyer is a wanted person under police investigation and buys the vehicle  e.g. to use it to cross boarders to conduct another criminal activity. The new owner pays for the vehicle with counterfeit money and runs away leaving the former owner in trouble for several years to come.

You can face such problems also due to the fact that even without completing the transfer has the new owner no problem with using the vehicle. The seller sends the registration book immediately after cessation of registration via post. The Motor Third Party Liability insurance is taken out before the vehicle registration, Certificate of Roadworthiness (STK) andEmissions Certificate (EK) refer to the vehicle and not the owner, so just about anybody, anytime and anywhere can obtain them.

You can avoid problems by signing an authorization before notary public. At this point the seller, that submitted all documents to the buyer, bares the risk and has no certainty that the buyer will cancel the vehicle registration. Should the buyer fail to do so, the former owner would still have to pay the Motor Third Party Liability insurance, in case of a company vehicle road tax as well. The new owner may profit from such state. The new owner does not have to pay the Motor Third Party Liability insurance, no notices are delivered to his domicile for traffic violations (pursuant to Law) and the former owner has to pay fines for all violations.

Sell a car with our help

Mentioned inconveniences are not the order of the day, but one should try to be as careful as possible. Use the service of our online car store and sell your car without any problems and stress. We will be glad to help you and assist you. You only need to fill out a brief form on the right side of this web page. Our regional representative will contact you and arrange all details.

How can we assist you in vehicle sale?

Situated at find and print purchase and sale agreement. Our company is a broker in this agreement that includes variable symbol and our account number. Fill in your personal details and the details of the buyer and the vehicle. You shall add price you want to sell the vehicle for. The buyer shall transfer the money to our account. We will cancel the vehicle registration and register the vehicle under the name of the new owner. Once the whole process is successfully complete the funds will be transfered to seller's account and the buyer shall get the car. The whole process takes approximately 3-5 business days because our representative has to submit all documents by post to a representative in other city (if the seller and buyer have  domicile in different cities).
Avoid a tremendous number of risks and use our services for bargain price. No more hesitation, fill in the form and our representative will contact you. We will provide you with teleconsulting, deal mediation, assistance with accepting and transferring financial resources, cessation of vehicle registration of seller and vehicle registration of buyer.
For over two decades we have been dealing with this process on daily basis in our car sales ESCAR - Zlaté piesky. History, practice and experience guarantee reliability and good cooperation. We are true professionals in the said issues and we would be happy to assist you to sell your vehicle.

Don't hesitate, don't take risks and contact professionals.

If you are interested in detailed information about selling a vehicle, visit our specialized web addressing this issue very thoroughly.

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