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Other procedures

Are you familiar with all the changes that are necessary to register with the road traffic inspectorate? And honestly, there's lots of it.

We have prepared this list of procedures that are subject to registration:

·  change of ownership title to a vehicle or transfer of vehicle ownership to another person,

·  cessation of a vehicle registration for export,

·  replacement of chassis or bodywork where a vehicle identification number VIN or an identifier assigned by authorities is situated,

·  permanent change of color or color version of a vehicle,

·  change made on a vehicle and change of other details registered in the registration certificate, if a registration of new details to the registration certificate or change of details registered in certificate is necessary,

·  damage, loss or alienation of a registration certificate,

·  damage, loss or alienation of a license plate,

·  alienation of a vehicle,

·  decision of the District Transport Office to cease a vehicle registration (in this case it is obligatory to surrender registration certificate and license plate).

Vehicle owner shall undertake to report any of the above mentioned no later than 15 days from the time of its occurrence. Body of Police force shall register such change into the vehicle registration, issue the certificate of registration and, if applicable, assign new license plates for the vehicle

Upon a notice of vehicle register change vehicle owner shall undertake to:

·  set forth the Registration Certificate (does not apply if the Registration Certificate was revoked in certain cases and a new Registration Certificate was not issued or Registration Certificate was lost or alienated)

·  set forth further documents proving that conditions for carrying out changes in vehicle register have been met,

·  present ID card,

·  fill out corresponding form.

Do vehicle register changes seem complicated or time consuming? You have no time to waste?  You only need to fill in our contact form and our regional representative will contact you and assist you.

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