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Cessation of registration

Selling a car and still don't know what you are up against?  We bring you all the necessary information you need to know about vehicle registration cessation. If you don't want go through this procedure alone, we will take care of it for you. Please fill in the form on your right and our regional representative will contact you shortly.

Ceasing a vehicle registration for a new owner

Upon ceasing a vehicle registration for a new owner shall the former not be obliged to put the vehicle to an inspection. Following is needed to cease a registration:

·  filled in application with personal details of the new owner\

·  registration book and vehicle registration certificate

·  valid ID provided vehicle owner is a natural entity

·  in a case of legal entity extract from Companies Register or Trade license

·   authorization with a notarized signature if the holder or owner of a vehicle is represented

·  in case the vehicle user, that is not the owner, applies for a registration modification, a notarized consent of the owner or decision of a corresponding authority shall be needed.

·  proof of payment of the Motor Third Party Liability insurance (PZP)

License plates shall remain on a vehicle in this case.

Vehicle registration suspension

in addition to ceasing vehicle registration It is possible to suspend registration of a vehicle or permanently cease vehicle registration Vehicle registration suspension is mostly used by owners of seasonal vehicles (e.g. convertibles) so that they don't have to pay a Motor Third Party Liability insurance (PZP), throughout the period during which they don't use the vehicle.. Mostly it is a case of cars that are driven only in the summer, vehicles that are used only in the winter {snow plows and etc.) or if you travel abroad for a longer period of time and you leave your car at home.

Permanent cessation of a vehicle registration

Buying a new car or want to scrap the old? If you own an old vehicle in a poor condition, you are not using it and don't want to keep on paying the Motor Third Party Liability insurance, you can permanently cease the vehicle registration. Eco scrap shall take place at a licensed provider that will issue a certificate of proof,  before is the vehicle registration considered permanently ceased. You can permanently cease your vehicle registration at the road traffic inspectorate with this certificate.

We will cancel your vehicle registration for you

Cessation of a vehicle registration is a difficult procedure that takes time. Let us know if you don't want to waste your time by standing in lines and rather do something worth your while. We would be glad to help you. It is fairly simple. Please fill in the form on your right and our regional representative will contact you shortly. You can exchange further details with our representative and we will take care of the cessation of your vehicle registration.

Visit our web page specializing on other types of registration cessation and further information connected with the cessation of vehicle registration.


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