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Purchase of a car

A person purchases a car 4 to 5 times in lifetime. We assume that it is an important decision which carries certain risks.

Contact us if you want to be sure that you have made the right choice to leave out undue stress and problems. We have more than two decades of experience in car sales. You only need to fill out the form on the right and our regional representative will contact you and answer all of your questions. Purchase of a new car has never been easier.

Risks involved in purchasing a car

When purchasing a car the buyer faces a far greater risk than the seller. The buyer and the seller are hardly ever acquaintances, they don't know each other and they don't know if one or the other can be trusted. Even after personal examination the buyer knows little about the car in question. The sale usually takes place on a weekend (when neither of the parties need to be at work) and the buyer hands money over tothe seller. Buyer, therefore, faces a great risk. Buyer got into a car without Registration Book (original owner needs the Registration Book for cessation of vehicle registration) and without valid insurance (expired as of the day of car sale). A first problem arises if the previous owner does not cancel registration. If you don't register your carunder your name within 15 days, you face penalty charges and explanations. If you however fail to register the vehicle within 30 days you will have to pass the Certificate of Originality assessment. That represents additional costs and loss of time. Bigger problem arises when the seller does not cancel the vehicle registration . Unless the former owner does not cancel the vehicle registration you are never going to be able to register the vehicle under your name.

We will solve your problems

You can avoid such problems by having the seller sign an authorization before notary public. Buying a car from an owner that lives tens or hundreds of kilometers from your domicile? You will have to return to a corresponding road traffic inspectorate in business hours to cancel the vehicle registration for the seller. Save this long trip and contact us.

If the seller has done everything right and the registration book was delivered, you can register the vehicle at a road traffic inspectorate. Upon the registration it is necessary to put the vehicle to an inspection where will a police office conduct a thorough professional examination of the vehicle.

What if you don't pass the examination?

The police officer may find inconsistencies in the documents or forgery of identification marks. The car might get seized leaving you as a buyer without the car and money. You are not guilty, but without the car and you have to recover the money from the seller. In most of the cases it is necessary to file a claim in court.

In case you passed the examination and all identification marks are in good order you have only won part of the battle. You have to wait in line at a road traffic inspectorate and set forth all necessary documents to a clerk. Any problems at this point?

·  vehicle is pledged to a bank

·  vehicle is pledged to the Tax Administration

·  vehicle is subject to a seizure by a bailiff

·  vehicle is pledged to another authorized body

·  vehicle is being leased

·  vehicle is pledged

·  etc.

It is possible to verify some of these facts in advance, but not everything is possible. So it is possible that you will learn such fact at a police station. The police does not provide such information in advance and you are therefore unable to recognize possible problems before buying the vehicle.

What if your car does not get registered? You will be able to keep the vehicle at best, but without a registration. You should contact the seller and get the money back. It is possible that the money is long gone and you would have to file a claim in a court. That is however a marathon not a sprint.

How to avoid problems with vehicle purchase?

The best way how to sell or buy a car without problems is to register the vehicle together with the owner at the police. That is however prevented by a fact that the buyer and seller are usually from different places and have no time to wait in line together at a police station. They would need to do this on a business day during opening hours which takes a day off.

How can we assist you in vehicle purchase?

Situated at find and print purchase and sale agreement. Our company is a broker in this agreement that includes variable symbol and our account number. Fill in your personal details and the details of the seller and the vehicle. You shall add price you want to pay for the vehicle and transfer the funds to our account. We will cancel the vehicle registration and register the vehicle in your name thereafter. Once the whole process is successfully complete the funds will be transfered to to buyer's account. This guarantees that in the event of any complications we shall give you the money for the vehicle back. This way you'll avoid possible law suits. The whole process takes approximately 3-5 business days, because our representative has to submit all documents by post to a representative in your city (if the seller and buyer have (if the seller and buyer have domicile in different cities).

Avoid a tremendous number of risks and use our services for a bargain price. No more hesitation, fill in the form and our representative will contact you. We will provide you with teleconsulting, deal mediation, assistance with accepting and transferring financial resources, cessation of vehicle registration of seller and vehicle registration of buyer.
For over two decades we have been dealing with this process on daily basis in our car sales ESCAR - Zlaté piesky. History, practice and experience guarantee reliability and good cooperation. We are true professionals in the said issues and we would be happy to assist you with your vehicle purchase.

Don't hesitate, don't take risks and contact professionals.

If you are interested in detailed information about vehicle purchase, visit our specialized web addressing this issue very thoroughly.

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