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Certificate of Originality

The main scope of Certificate of Originality is to assess the vehicle and its parts whether it originated from criminal activities. Certificate of Originality assessment secures traces of interference with construction of a vehicle (forgery of identification marks - VIN....) in a non-destructive form. Certificate of Originality assessment does not include Roadworthiness Certificate and Emissions Certificate assessment.

What Certificate of Originality assessment?

Pursuant to Act. No. 725/2004 user of the vehicle shall not operate the vehicle in road traffic that was subject to forgery of identification marks, unauthorized interference with construction of a vehicle (e.g. cut and assembled from more vehicles) and unauthorized alterations of vehicle documents. Pursuant to Article 220 of the Penal Code is forgery of vehicle identification marks considered a criminal offence. During the Certificate of Originality assessment technicians cross-reference the occurrence of vehicle data and documents in wanted vehicles register and reveal other unauthorized or fraudulent practice with vehicles.

When to take part in the Certificate of Originality assessment?

• in case of individually imported vehicles,

• in case of cessation of vehicle registration for export,

• in case of chassis of bodywork replacement where a vehicle identification number VIN or an identifier assigned by     authorities is situated,

• in case of permanent change of color or color version of a vehicle,

• after having failed to register a vehicle within 30 days from ceasing the vehicle registration.

What is subject to Certificate of Originality assessment?

Vehicle is always assessed by two technicians. They have to verify whether a vehicle was not subject to forgery of identification marks or unauthorized interference with the construction of a vehicle. They have to verify the originality of vehicle documents as well. The result of Certificate of Originality assessment are measured and found data and facts that characterize condition of identification marks, required documents of assessed vehicle and status of data in vehicle register. Assessment for the Certificate of Originality might cost you a lot of time. Call our representative if you don't want to put up with these steps yourself. The representative will arrange all details and attend the Certificate of Originality assessment for you. If you are interested in detailed information about the Certificate of Originality assessment, visit our specialized web addressing these issues in detail.

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