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Emissions Certificate (EK)

The Emissions Certificate might pose a problem for owners of older cars especially. The Emissions Certificate assessment is focused on the condition of vehicle's part affecting the production of polluting particles in exhaust gases. Based on the measurement, assessment should determine if the engine meets the emissions limits according to manufacturer's specifications.

When to take part in the Emissions Certificate assessment?

In case of vehicles with approved catalytic converter it is necessary to pass Emissions Certificate assessment in a period not exceeding 4 years from the first vehicle registration and then every two years. Owners of older automobiles with petrol engines without catalytic converter or with unapproved catalyst converter shall pay attention. In this case shall the user of the vehicle pass the Emissions Certificate assessment every year. Same applies to cabs, first responder vehicles, public transportation vehicles and trucks (except for tractors with a two year period).

Emissions Certificate assessment might cost you a lot of time. Call our representative if you don't want to put up with these steps yourself. The representative will arrange all details and attend the Emissions Certificate assessment for you.

If you are interested in detailed information about the Emissions Certificate, visit our specialized web addressing these issues very thoroughly.

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