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About us

Waiting in line at the police to register a vehicle is not for you?

Do you get a headache from undergoing various assessments?

Do you want to avoid complications when selling a car?

Are you worried that you'll get conned when buying a car?

Did you answer "yes" at least once to any of these questions? Don't hesitate and contact us. Our company has created a network of regional representatives that will gladly advise you, take care of a number procedures and unburden you from endless waiting in lines.

We have created a portal for you where you can find all information about obligations, procedures and risks involved with vehicle registrations, assessments, sale and purchase of vehicles.

You can trust us

We have more than 20 years of experience with vehicle registrations and mediation of car sales or purchases. Thousands of satisfied customers that we unburdened from dealing with vehicle registration or perhaps even helped with sale or purchase of vehicle stand behind us. We help motorists to solve things correctly and swiftly. Hesitate no more and contact us!

History, practice and experience guarantee reliability and good cooperation.

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