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Transfer of vehicle registration and other proceses

Cancellation, registration, modification ... Are you selling or buying a car and you can not make a head or tail of information regarding the transfer? Don't have time to wait in line? Seller shall cancel registration and buyer shall than register a vehicle with the police at the domicile or the registered seat of company. Change in title of ownership can give rise to possible complications. We are here to help you simplify the process of vehicle transfer upon change of ownership. If you changed the color of car or you upgraded it with a towing bracket you need to register  such changes not exceeding 15 days and then will the police update the registration book accordingly. We will take care of all the necessary administration connected with vehicle registration and other modifications with police registration. EN

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Every vehicle owner shall undertake to take out a Motor Third Party Liability insurance (PZP) for its vehicle. The Motor Third Party Liability insurance (PZP) is a compulsory insurance that covers damages incurred in an accident by another road user. It covers both material (crashed fence of a house, damaged car) and non-material damage (pain and suffering, lost profit) of third persons. It is forbidden to use a car without a Motor Third Party Liability insurance (PZP). You should take out a Motor Third Party Liability insurance before registration. Is is possible to take out such Motor Third Party Liability insurance with us.

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Certificate of Roadworthiness (STK), Emissions Certificate (EK), Certificate of Originality (KO)


As an owner (user) of a vehicle you shall be responsible for your car to enter a road only in case it meets all the criteria stipulated by law. The Certificate of Roadworthiness assessment (STK) shall be performed regularly at a station of technical control depending on vehicle age and purpose of use. In addition to the Certificate of Roadworthiness (STK) your car should get an Emissions Certificate (EK) as well. In some cases it is necessary to get a Certificate of Originality (KO) issued by licensed dealers. If you don't want to put up with or you don't have time to attend to all these assessments and procedures, we would be happy to help you. We will make sure your car passes all the assessments so you can enjoy the ride and use your time for work.

Purchase and sale of vehicle

People change their cars four to five time a lifetime. Choosing and buying a car is nothing like Friday's grocery shopping. It is necessary to prepare for such thing and thus avoid unexpected circumstances. After you've chosen a suitable vehicle in terms of type, preferred brand, engine and trim, there are far more important tasks ahead of you. You should definitely focus on the most possible detailed preparation of the purchase or sale of the vehicle. You should know how to find out if the vehicle has been in an accident in the past, if it does not include parts from other cars (stolen), assess the state of odometer and what should you assess in your future car in terms of mechanics. Don't forget the registration to a new owner.

Thorough and detailed preparation for a purchase or sale of a vehicle will save you a lot of stress and help you to avoid possible problems or further unnecessary investments. We are professionals in selling and purchasing cars and we would be glad to help you to purchase or sell yours. Twenty years of experience are the proof of our qualification. Do you need help or are you looking for further information? Find out more about this service at our subpages.